Look at the Good You’ve Created: Volume 2 Issue No. 7

Thank you for checking out our monthly donor newsletter to get the chance to look at all the good that’s been created this month through the investment of our donors and community partners!

At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.  We are committed to helping students discover their potential and pursue their BIG dreams with programs that focus on building character, leadership development, and entrepreneurialism. Through mentorship and experiential learning, students are equipped to make positive life choices, empowered to solve problems, and explore career paths.

Have you listened to the Loveworks’ Business Boot Up Podcast? Our student hosts bring you live interviews from the Loveworks Leadership campus. With over 60 episodes and 7 students working on the team serving as hosts, overseeing production, editing, and script writing, each of our episodes includes interviews with our youngest and more experienced entrepreneurs who will inspire, educate and give you an action step to help your leadership and business!

We are incredibly thankful for the support and sponsorship of the Norman Chamber of Commerce and First United Bank.

Listen to our episodes on SoundCloud, Spotify, & Apple Music!

We are thrilled to announce this fall that in addition to the fresh produce provided from the Loveworks garden for our culinary program we are receiving produce from Vineyard Inc through our partnership with EcoWood Solutions. Vineyard Fruit & Vegetable Co carries a full line of fresh produce and offers custom, low-cost solutions to creatively meet every need. They stop at nothing to provide each and every customer with the freshest, highest-quality produce and products possible. Through this partnership with Vineyard Inc and EcoWood Solutions, we are able to provide opportunities for gardening and cooking passion projects as well as continue our work with the REAL garden team.

Afterschool Leadership (ASL) is back in action and better than ever! With 115 students, we’re continuing to grow every week.

Last month students learned the lesson of Discipline Bridges. Bridges are infrastructures that take us somewhere. They must be strong, reinforceable, and be kept accountable. Building bridges is not an easy job, but it is necessary. In the same way, the habits and disciplines we have are not easy, but when we build a good foundation we can go so far. If we can start good habits today they will build on each other and get us where we want to be in the future.

Passion Projects are underway and students are working closely with their leader mentors to explore their interests and career pathways at Loveworks. The goal for this experience is to cultivate interests into passions and /or pave the way for career discovery through hands-on experiential learning projects.

Enjoy some of the highlights from our passion project groups:

  • Beautiful Berry Patch started by clearing a patch of the garden to plant its berries.
  • Culinary learned knife skills by chopping veggies and fruits for dinner.
  • Story Express began introductions and learned about meditation.
  • Journalism began to brainstorm their ideas for their short news segments.
  • Tech Squad also started their brainstorming of which technology they wanted to improve.
  • Nature Journaling learned about the benefits of nature journaling and started sketching.
  • Picture This learned about lighting and perspective by practicing on their phone cameras and then a little bit on a professional DSLR Camera.
  • Community in Action created a list of areas and organizations they would like to impact.
  • Pollinator Garden weeded an area for their garden and learned about the importance of pollinators. 
  • Lawyered did a practice trial and acted as a questioning jury.
  • Box City students learned about origin of Box City and began working on a plan for this year’s event.
  • Roller Coaster Engineer built prototypes of roller coasters using household items and had a competition of who could create the biggest, functional coaster.
  • Children’s Book Author are going over inspiration and deciding on a lesson theme for their book. 

The Village is an incredible community of generous, passionate, and determined people – just like you. They give monthly to support programs that equip students for real life with mentorship, leadership skills, and experiential learning.  Join The Village today!

To learn more about Loveworks go to https://www.loveworksleadership.org

To donate go to https://www.loveworksleadership.org/get-involved/donate/

Loveworks Leadership Inc. is a current and valid 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in accordance with the standards and regulations of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

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