Finding Productivity in a Pandemic

Kat Davis has been part of the Loveworks family for three years, connecting with students and dreaming big with us. As an intern, she heads our social media and helps with creatively communicating with our Loveworks Family. We’re excited to have her voice and heart shared in this blog from her.

Ever since the shelter-in-place order went into effect, my productivity has tanked. Every where I looked I saw reminders that this was an opportunity to start something new, to finish that book I’ve been meaning to read, or invest in my hobbies. However, I’ve had no motivation to do any of those things.

Recently I read an article that I found to be incredibly encouraging. It reminded me that this is all a new experience which will absolutely change the way things are going forward. It also reminded me that I need to allow myself time to adjust, and take a step back from anyone else who is telling me differently.

This article outlined 3 easy, but important steps to take during this time to help with the adjustment period. Let me share them with you.

Step 1: 

Remember this is your journey! Work through your feelings and emotions on your own time. This is a time to prioritize your home and family. Take the opportunity to develop an emergency plan, regroup as a family, and work together to get through this as a team.

Step 2:

Allow yourself time to adjust. Start by taking on smaller challenges and allow yourself to crave harder ones. This of course will take time, so be easy on yourself!

Step 3:

Accept and appreciate the new normal. Given time, this will begin to feel natural and things will fall back into place.

Personally, after I allowed myself to be honest and accepting of my emotions, I have been more focused and have worked my way onto accomplishing more difficult tasks. I am hopeful that this will be an encouragement that it will get better!

So take a step back and spend some time with your loved ones. We’ll be here supporting you every step of the way.

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Kat Davis

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