There Can Be More

I’m tired of sailing my little boat far inside of the harbor bar; I want to be out where the big ships float out on the deep where the great ones are! And should my frail craft prove too slight for storms that sweep those wide seas o’er better go down in the stirring fight than drowse to death by the sheltered shore – Daisy Rinehart

If you’ve never been introduced to the quote above, I could probably stop the blog right here.

This particular quote grabbed ahold of my heart a couple of years ago and has not let go. 

I’ve heard it said that not many people who get to the end of their lives wish that they could have spent more time at the office. Instead, those last moments are usually spent thinking about how we’ve treated those closest to us or about the things in life that we wish we would have done.

The good news is that if you are reading this post, there is still an opportunity to influence both of those outcomes in your life. So, let’s get started. 

If you are tired and ready to sail your ship out of the harbor, consider these 3 things:

  1. Identify your comfort zone
  2. Remember your why
  3. Take one small tiny step

Over the weekend my wife casually asked me if I knew where her “love journal” was that I gave her several years ago. This was one of those questions that I casually pretended not to hear. Hoping my silence would shift the conversation, instead my wife asked me the question again (she is a redhead!).

Not only did I not have a clue where the journal was located, I did not even remember the last time I wrote an entry. Can you see how easily it is to fall into a comfort zone? Maybe you hoped to be the best spouse in the world when you stood at the altar on your wedding day, or made a promise to be the best mom or dad in the delivery room, or the best employee at your first day on the new job… comfort zones can creep up out of nowhere and be a dangerous trap.

So while I spent over an hour looking for the journal, I began to remember why I was so excited years back to give it to Selah. It was meant to be a source of encouragement and affirmation. 

The good news is that I found the journal! The other news is that I still did not write a new entry. However, I did take a small tiny step and placed my favorite pen in its pages to get ready to write to her this week. 

If you find yourself with a desire to be out where the big ships are, you are not alone. Today can be your day. Identify your comfort zone, get excited again about your why, and take one small tiny step towards action. 

Whether your boat sinks or floats at least we will go down with a stirring fight.  

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