Frustration vs. Forward Progress

Have you ever felt that tinge of discouragement when working towards something that does not seem to be making much progress? 

>>> I’ll raise my hand!

It’s fun to try new things and pursue your passion, but getting started is often the easy part. Then the real work starts. 

Maybe your throat is sore from practicing a song, or the thought of memorizing one more line for a play is exhausting, the sigh of frustration as you struggle to learn a new language, or the blisters on your fingers are from strumming guitar chords… or you think to yourself, whoever came up with the idea of a practice squad?

You’re not alone. 

Anyone who has ever achieved something great has at one point or many wondered why they are not seeing faster results. 

My son turned four last month, and the day after his birthday, he told me that he does not feel any older. Ha! I wanted to tell him the days are long and the years are short, but he would not have understood. 

I don’t blame your frustration. In our world, there is constant change all around us and it’s happening at lightning speed… so it’s easy to feel, S-T-U-C-K.

Do you know who is going to be the hardest judge and critic that you are going to face in life? Not Simon Cowell. It’s YOU. 

I believe that you are exactly in the place you need to be. 

Studies have shown that it takes at least 10,000 hours of practice for us to be a master of anything. 

Last week’s blog was titled Just Keep Swimming, I hope this week’s blog encourages you that you’re closer to experiencing breakthrough than you think. And most likely, it will happen at a time that you least expect.

So often, we put in some work into something like a marriage, parenting or a new project and then we give up when we don’t see immediate results.

But if you just keep going, a breakthrough is closer than you think. 

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