Episode 4: It’s All About The Journey with Eva Karpman

Welcome to the Loveworks dreamers and doers Podcast # 4. At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.

If this is your first time, thank you for joining us and giving us the thing that means the most to you – your time. If you’re returning, welcome back! We know you have lots of options out there in the Podcast universe.

Our hope with Dreamers & Doers podcast is that each week’s special guests will connect with you wherever you find yourself today and inspire you to become the best version of yourself for tomorrow.

Eva Karpman: Host of the Dream Big Podcast

Eva Karpman is the host of the top ranked Kids and Family podcast, Dream Big, which she started at the age of 7, now with over 170 episodes. Her mission is to inspire kids and adults to pursue their passions in life and take action to make their dreams a reality. 

Car Ride Inspiration

Growing up listening to podcasts with her parents on car rides to and from school, Eva got her inspiration at only 4 years old. After searching for episodes that were designed specifically for kids, they realized there weren’t many out there, especially ones led by kids themselves. She soon decided to start her own as Eva challenged herself to step outside of her comfort zone and conquer a fear of public speaking. Now, she gets to look back on both how far she’s come, as well as how much her Dream Big podcast has challenged others.


There are always days that are busy, but what keeps Eva moving forward is acknowledging the commitment she’s made to doing her podcast each Monday, and wanting to be there for the big dreamers who tune in. She sees her listeners as another part of her family. She expresses the importance of finding the good amidst any bad situation, and never giving up.

Fall in Love with the Journey

Something Eva has learned firsthand that it’s not about what’s at the end, but the process of getting there. Goals and achievements evolve over time, so it’s important not to fixate on these fleeting successes. Instead, enjoy where you’re at and how you’ve grown along the way. While her podcast started off as a way to grow her own self-confidence, her new dream is to inspire other dreamers and help them grow through both the podcast and the Dream Big Academy. 

Eva’s advice –

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and challenge your own fears. In doing so, you’ll likely inspire others around you.
  • Stick to the commitments you make. Dreams can be hard work, but it’s important to never give up.
  • Enjoy the journey. Sometimes your plan will change, but there is so much you will learn along the way whether you reach your intended destination or not.

Connect with Eva:

Instagram: @evakarpman & @dreambigpodcast
Facebook: @DreamBigPodcast
Website: https://dreambigpodcast.com/

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