Episode 55: Redefining Success with Clint Gresham

Clint Gresham: Best-Selling Author, International Speaker, 2010’s Seattle Seahawks All-Decade Team, and Super Bowl XLVIII Champion

In addition to excelling on the field, he was regarded as a leader of men, and an invaluable asset to the championship locker room.  For years, Clint led meetings with his team mates on how to walk in true masculinity and how one must pursue greatness in every area of life.  Believing that to only excel as a football player, and neglect the rest of your being, would eventually create fragile manhood, and poor performance on the field.  In addition to his work in the locker room, Clint also spent several years as a volunteer Young Life leader.

Clint is definitely more of a dreamer. However, he also realizes his shortcomings. He relies on the people around him to help him accomplish his dreams. 

Becoming a Professional Football Player

From an early age Clint wanted to play sports. He was really insecure as a kid and sports made him feel important and like he mattered. He continued working hard on it and spent much of his free time perfecting his craft. Clint knew he was good at football. He knew he could go into the NFL.

After leaving the NFL, Clint had an identity crisis. He wondered if he was anything more than a football player. During this time, Clint had to work hard to realize his worth and find a support system.

A Platform of Influence

Clint used this hard time in his life to write about the idea of wholeness. He works to open his heart and mind to those around him to avoid falling into the traps he had previously. Clint shared this with the world through his book Becoming. 

Clint also uses the 7 Keys to interact with kids and teens. It is a free download available on his website! Clint believes the most important thing is leading with empathy with students. Clint now gets to use these principles each day with his kiddos.

Middle School Advice

Be patient and trust the process. Engage with what you believe to be life giving. Focus on what gives you joy. Don’t allow for praise or criticism to drive your intentions. Block out the surrounding noise.

Key Takeaways

  • Success doesn’t always mean fame and fortune.
  • Be wise about mental health.
  • Work to improve yourself and bring others along with you.

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