Earth Day Actions for a Pandemic World

Each year as Earth Day arrives, millions of people, organizations, and agencies gear up for a day of environmental action. The 50th anniversary was April 22, 2020, and with the uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic in March 2020, the world was forced to look at new ways to innovate our Earth Day efforts. Some groups took their actions online, starting virtual events, groups, and opportunities to learn and engage across the internet. 

Earth Rebirth shifted gears by launching the Earth Day Virtual Festival, a day of online speakers, performers, and activists tuning in from around the world to share their story. Some sought action in isolation, taking trash bags to their favorite park as they walked in solitude, or turning off their electronics for a day and enjoying their backyard or garden. Others documented the history of current events, sharing stories of environmental progress and stories. 

As society finds its footing once more, Earth Day becomes a reminder of what we have been through and what we are still fighting for. The ultimate desire to live both in and for a better world, represented in our ability to remind ourselves each year on a random day in April how much we care. 

It is important to remember that Earth Day is not merely a day of action to protect our planet, but a day of action to remind ourselves the work we need to do in order to sustain it. Whether you join movements for systematic change or focus on small actions within your household, do what you can. 

For those wondering where to start, consider one of the following:

  • Stop eating meat one or more days per week. 
  • Look into renewable energy options or credits with your utility provider. 
  • Install low-flow water filters and faucets in your home. 
  • Take public transportation. 
  • Carpool to work, school, or events. 
  • Discuss and engage with friends and family. 

You may not be able to do everything, but everyone is capable of doing something. Earth Day isn’t an excuse to act one day, but an excuse to add to your actions every day. It’s a chance to step outside your comfort zone, as well as into nature. Even a simple art project with your kids can make all of the difference. Express yourself in a productive, sustainable way so you can set an example for yourself and those around you. We all want better. Let Earth Day and the past year of historic events remind us how much we have to fight for it. 

Dream Big, Act Bigger.

Andrew Sartain
Founder, Earth Rebirth

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