Episode 65: Overcoming Roadblocks with Haley Curfman

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

Today we’re talking about music! Here’s some songs we love for your playlist. 

Good Old Days by Brock Monroe

This Will Be Our Year by OK Go

If you’re looking for more music, check out our Loveworks approved playlist on Spotify!

Haley Curfman: The Weary Teacher

Haley Curfman and she is a second grade teacher in Blackwell, Oklahoma also known as the Weary Teacher. You might remember her (or at least her dress) from social media which went viral! She’s been teaching for 5 years and coming up with inventive and creative ways to engage her students and to keep both teaching and learning fun. The dress that rose to fame was part of Random Acts of Kindness week where she bought a white dress and had her students draw whatever reminded them of kindness and happiness. The only rules, you can’t cross anything out and you can’t draw over anyone else’s drawing! She’s also been creating whimsical pictures since the beginning of her first year of teaching, encouraging and relating to a community of hardworking teachers who make a difference in the life of a student, every day in the classroom.

Haley loves to dream, but she also sets goals and works to accomplish them.

Growing Up in Small Town Oklahoma

Haley grew up with a single mom for most of her life. Her family lived below the poverty level, but it was not something she was actively aware of until she grew up. As time went on her family continued working and getting better.

Haley loved to play sports. While she played, she also had an opportunity to guide younger players and teach. Late in life she was faced with a decision on where to take her career. When her friends and family encouraged her to teach, she went for it and fell in love.

The Kindness Dress

When scrolling Pinterest to find ideas for an art project, Haley found the idea of drawing on a white dress. She named it the kindness dress as each of the pictures the students drew were images of kindness. The dress ended up going viral on social media! 

Now Haley sends dresses around the United States and Internationally to let other students in on the fun. Her class loves to watch the dresses travel!

Haley’s Advice

Keep moving forward regardless of what happens to you. It’s okay to not have everything figured out right now. It’s okay to change paths, but it’s not okay to stop.

You’re going to have roadblocks, but it’s okay. In certain moments it may seem like your life is crashing down, but don’t let it stop you. How you handle the situation is more important.

You can find Haley at @thewearyteacher.

Key Takeaways

  • Find a support system to help you tackle your dreams.
  • Keep moving forward past the roadblocks.
  • It’s okay to not know.

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