Episode 69: Evolving Dreams with Jeff Ragan

Jeff Ragan: Founder/CEO – Kize Concepts Inc.

Jeff is the CEO and founder of an all natural, premium natural food product company called Kize Concepts, a convenient, high quality, delicious food product line while also integrating fitness and life improvement services. He is dedicated to anything and everything to help people be their best and maximize life experiences. Sales from Kize bars have gone on to serve millions of meals in Haiti and locally.

Evolving Dreams

A dream is just a seed if you don’t sow it, water it, and make the daily decisions with discipline.  The dream cannot reach its fruitfulness and its impact on you and the world unless you “DO” through the obstacles, challenges, and adversity.  These are the costs of bringing your dream to life.  

Growing up, Jeff’s dreams revolved around sports.  As he grew his dreams evolved and focused on health and fitness to support the athletes in balancing their needs to achieve their goals. Pursuing a degree in Entrepreneurship at the University of Oklahoma he discovered a student platform to help people focus on their health and fitness.  He found that his dream had turned into an impact opportunity, and that’s where the purpose truly resides. Experiences are building blocks along the way to discover your dreams that develop character and skill sets.  They provide opportunities to connect with people who help you grow and inspire you to achieve your goals.  Jeff left OU with a specific goal, to do something that helps people, do something that is purposeful and meaningful.

The Three E’s

Is it Easy? Is it Enjoyable? Is it Energizing?

Jeff believes these are the essentials of making sustainable decisions. People do not do things consistently that are not fun and meaningful to them.  

Taking his experiences, building blocks of his evolving dreams, Jeff developed several opportunities to help people, focused on health and fitness.  He discovered a recurring theme in food, more specifically related to healthy eating.  Thus, Chef Jeff was born.  After a few failed attempts Jeff made something good and Kize was born.  On the journey with those meaningful connections he’d acquired over the years he was connected to a food manufacturer that started a mentorship journey and was instrumental in taking Kize to the next level. 

The Mission Behind the Slogan: Change Lives for the Better

Often we meet people who hate what they do and live for the weekend.  What if we do what we enjoy and with you you enjoy?  Jeff likes to say he retired at 25 because he started a business with people he loves so it doesn’t matter what they do.  It’s not all about the money but the moments, the experiences, and the impact made throughout the world.  Their mission is to create products that help the consumer and connect to someone in need.  

An opportunity to travel with All My Heart Foundation, an organization established to rescue the underprivileged and unreached children of Haiti, brought an entire new level of purpose to Jeff and his team at Kize.  After traveling there themselves they decided to give away trips for their customers to experience what they did.  

Jeff’s Advice – Influence the World Around You

You do not need to travel around the world to make a difference.  Love who’s in front of you.

Get rid of the fear of missing out what everyone else is doing and focus on the dream that is in your heart.  The choices you make today will set the course of your future  The greatest work you can ever do is the deep work within yourself once you discover that you can serve more people, have more excitement, enthusiasm and purpose.  Have a vision and a dream for your mental, emotional, spiritual, physical self and always pursue growth.  Keep going, don’t quit before it starts.  You have the seed within you to grow your biggest dream.  

You can find Jeff online at Kize Concepts

Key Takeaways

  • Experiences are the building blocks to achieve your dreams
  • Make love decisions not fear decisions
  • You are made for love and greatness

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