Biz Boot Up Ep 16: Staying the Course with Farm Girl Fair and Snow Flow

Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe you are never too young to start a business. We’re bringing you live interviews from the Norman Farmer’s Market in Norman, OK. Each episode will feature one of our student-run businesses where they will be sharing what they’ve learned by starting a business to encourage you to start yours too!

Powered by the Norman Chamber of Commerce and Sponsored by First United Bank.

Carol Bauman: Farm Girl Fair

Carol Bauman is a wife and mother and all that jazz. She’s a desperate wanna-be farm girl flying by the front of her apron. She has a full plate and her cup is overflowing with life and all that one can pack in 24 hours. BUT, she’s constantly THANKFUL for her family, their land of opportunity and the God that reigns over it all. Owner of Sandy River Ranch in Norman, Oklahoma she co-hosts the annual Farm Girl Fair that features a day on the farm with over 50 local crafters, collectors and artists as well as food trucks, Farmhand Pub, live music, pony rides and a Farm Kid Fair.

Carol reminds all of us that sun sets, and the sun rises. You may not know what the day may bring but when the sun sets, it will rise again. Every day is different, every day is challenging. Reframe your failures so that they can become rewarding by looking at what you learned.

Carol encourages all young entrepreneurs to ask questions. “What, why, and how?” Pause and do the research. If you dream it, you can do it. Be armed with the research and some questions answered before you start. Stay the course, stay focused, keep dreaming. Don’t let anything stop you! Surround yourself with people who remind you that this is not the end all, be all, and that your whole life is ahead of you.

Go beyond the wanting and do it. Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Izzy Stone and Kaylee Jones: Snow Flow

Sisters, Izzy and Kaylee run Snow Flow that features over fifteen snow cone flavors as well as a selection of homemade treats and fresh lemonade.

The young entrepreneurs stress the importance of saving and investing your own money, learning how to communicate (without fighting!), and keeping the focus on the experience, not the money!

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