Episode 76: Dreams Take Work with Congressman Tom Cole

Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe that you are never too young to start a business and be someone who turns their idea into a reality. Today we’re bringing you a special interview from the Loveworks Center located in Norman, OK.

Congressman Tom Cole

A fifth-generation Oklahoman and resident of Moore, Tom Cole has a significant background of service to his home state of Oklahoma. Currently serving in his tenth term, Cole was first elected to the U.S. House of Representatives in 2002. He is an ardent supporter of a strong national defense, a tireless advocate for taxpayers and small businesses, a leader in promoting and funding biomedical research and the foremost expert in the House on issues related to Native Americans and tribal governments.

The congressman is a doer who believes you’ve got to believe you can do something in order to make it happen.

While studying at the University of Oklahoma, the congressman’s mother ran for political office and it was her defeat that spurred Cole into action. A common mistake, his mother, who had run several campaigns, tried to be both the manager and the candidate. He offered, if she decided to run again, that he would gain the tools needed to be her manager.

Not long later, while serving as a Fulbright Fellow at the University of London, he got the call.

Taking a step back from his dissertation at hte University of Oklahoma, and informing his teaching department he ran a successful campaign and saw his mother elected to office. While still teaching history and politics he continued to run campaigns for school boards and others for free. Then one day someone offered to pay him. This led to other political roles where Cole discovered his passion to serve and advocate for the people and state he loves.

Life as a congressman is all about listening. Representing 750,000 people, there’s always someone who knows more about the topics he votes on. His job is to seek out and listen to the people and be available to those who reach out to him. Cole believes every opinion deserves respect; you may not agree but every person need to feel they are heard.

Congressman Cole’s dream is that no Oklahoman would have to leave the state to achieve their dreams. He works hard to support efforts to diversify and increase opportunities for everyone to discover and pursue their endeavors.

Cole encourages every young entrepreneur to put their dreams to action. If you dream it, you can do it. The dream provides the aspiration but the hard work is the perspiration after the aspiration. Don’t give up on the vision, there’s always something you can do to work towards the goal. Dream big, think big, and work hard!

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