Episode 12: Riding the Wave of Life with Sajid Ali

Sajid Ali: Founder of the Learners’ Tree

Sajid is an Ambassador for Peace, Ambassador for Volunteering and the founder of The Learners’ Tree –TLT’s vision is to empower the youth through technical and soft skills training. His interest is to work with youth and community services to promote the general welfare of the youth and youth participation in the entire society.

Sajid’s Advice –

Don’t worry about the future, stay present in the moment. Enjoy the time you have right now. Each moment is precious. Be thankful for what you have. Stay Positive. Stay Strong and follow your heart. Stay calm; one day will be in your favor and the next could go wrong, but there is always another day so embrace the moment!

You can find Sajid on Facebook, Instagram, and at The Learners’ Tree Educational Research Center.

Key Takeaways

  • ​Your life is your own responsibility, what you do is your choice, and your choice alone.
  • Surround yourself with people who will encourage you to do something big and meaningful.
  • There’s no religion, color, language, just HUMANITY!

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