Biz Boot Up Podcast Episode 55: Try and Try Again with Brent Wheelbarger and 5 Arrows Garden Creations

Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe you are never too young to start a business. We’re bringing you live interviews from Loveworks Leadership in Norman, OK. Each of our episodes includes interviews with our youngest and more experienced entrepreneurs who will inspire, educate and give you an action step to help your leadership and business!

Powered by the Norman Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by First United Bank.

Brent Wheelbarger: Director of Youth Entrepreneurship

Brent has been involved in student entrepreneurship ever since Wristworld began in 2018, a student tech start-up run by middle school and high school students. He himself is an entrepreneur as he is founder and CEO of Trifecta Communications, a media/technology company specializing in advertising, production and emerging technology. Trifecta started in the room next to Brent’s garage and has since grown to serve governmental, non-profit and business clients in Oklahoma and internationally. Brent is also co-founder of Viribus VR Labs along with Bob Eskew and Tony Williams, a tech-startup developing virtual reality therapy tools for children with cerebral palsy.  He currently serves as the Director of Youth Entrepreneurship at Loveworks, and is working hard to expand the EARLY Youth Entrepreneuship Program across the state of Oklahoma.

5 Arrows Garden Creations

Christian Vazquez is a young entrepreneur who started his business, 5 Arrows Garden Creations, at the age of 11. His first creation was of mushrooms and caterpillars created out of cement. He loves to draw so he incorporated the idea of hand paint terra-cotta pots. Christian takes custom orders and has received great feedback from his customers. His creations include caterpillars, mushrooms, ladybugs and alligators.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Patience is a good friend
  • It’s probably not going to work the way you want it to
  • Do lots of things, try lots of thinks, experience lots of things

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