Biz Boot Up Podcast Episode 56: Connections are Key with Cassandra Rigsby and Tinsley

Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe you are never too young to start a business. We’re bringing you live interviews from Loveworks Leadership in Norman, OK. Each of our episodes includes interviews with our youngest and more experienced entrepreneurs who will inspire, educate and give you an action step to help your leadership and business!

Powered by the Norman Chamber of Commerce and sponsored by First United Bank.

Cassandra Rigsby: University Programs Director

As the University Programs Director at the Ronnie K. Irani Center for the Creation of Economic Wealth, Cassandra works to grow and connect Oklahoma’s entrepreneurial ecosystem by supporting the programming of the center’s flagship office in Norman, OK. She manage 100+ interdisciplinary student consultants each year as they worked on projects dealing with technology commercialization, social entrepreneurship, and small business development. In addition, she and her team plan and facilitate 3-4 workshops/events annually focused on Human Centered Design, community outreach, etc., with over 100 participants in attendance. Overall, their goal is to foster relationships with key stakeholders in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the University of Oklahoma and the OKC metro area more broadly.

Tinsley: Tinsley’s Lemonade Stand

Tinsley is a delightful 7yr, lovingly known as Tinsy. She loves sweet treats and makes muffins for her local fire department. An interesting idea to make orange lemonade sparked the idea to craft rainbow-inspired lemonades. After testing the flavors on her neighbors, she selected four tasty flavors: lavender, raspberry, peach, and limeade. Each glass she serves comes with her famous lemon cloud cookies – and a sweet smile!

Key Takeaways:

  • Start with an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Talk to as many people as possible
  • What needs to change in order to make something work
  • Don’t feel the pressure to be perfect all the time

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