Making dreams come true

By Michael Hirsch

$3.36—Barely an amount of money that would pay for much more than a gallon of gas or a grande cup of coffee at Starbucks. But for a young boy living in New York, with a heart full of faith and a dream, that was enough to capture the attention of his favorite NFL football player. A simple letter, some spare change, and a lot of courage influenced the player to set up a lunch with the young boy… a dream-come-true moment with his hero.

Starting in the spring of 2011, Loveworks Afterschool Leadership began working with 27 middle school students in two schools. To some people, we may have looked small. But we were working with who we had in our hands and quickly began to see results in the academic and behavioral success of those students. Now, a little over five years later, we recently launched a second site in Oklahoma City and celebrate the 8,000+ students whose lives we have been able to impact through our various programs.

I feel like I can relate to the story of the little boy because I feel like a courageous young dreamer. And I am grateful for the hundreds of people who believe alongside me in pursuing the impossible to shape the potential within today’s generation.

This could be your moment to begin seeing your dream set into motion. Today’s problems are really just opportunities waiting in disguise to be discovered. So, like the little boy, what do you have to use that is in your hand? What need do you see in the world around you that you can fill?

Let’s take a step today to make our dreams come true!

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