Dreams Can Come True

Have you ever been asked to make a wish? I’m sure you have. Remember, those moments just before blowing out the birthday candles on your cake. A parent, guardian, or grandparent told you to close your eyes… and make a wish. Oh, how the world was your oyster. You may have wished for a trip to Disneyworld, an LOL doll, dog, cat, a pet pony, or maybe for someone you cared for to tell you they loved you.

Time and time again, when someone learns about our leadership organization Loveworks, I see a smile break out across their face, or even sometimes with tears in their eyes, they will shake their head and say, “I wish something like this existed while I was in middle school.” I find the word wish in this context interesting, considering that many of the individuals that utter those words are looked at as successful. I’ve never asked, but does wish mean they are possibly carrying some kind of regret, that there could have been more, or the feeling that it is just to late to reach their dream.

Having a dream is powerful. Going after your dream will change your life. Our dreams need to be bigger than our realities. The legacy of Martin Luther King does not live on today because of an idea or plan, but it was his dream that people during the civil rights era were willing to risk their lives. Walt Disney never had an opportunity to see Disney World come into its fullest before he died. But he famously said that if you can dream it, then you can do it. While the dreams of these two public figures get lots of attention in talks or books, they never actually had the opportunity to experience their dream.

At Loveworks, we are giving students every day an opportunity to take steps closer to their dream. And they are happening!

  • The launch of a salsa business
  • Packaging supplies for the homeless in our city
  • Starting student-led podcasts
  • Launching a tech-toy product at the New York Toy Expo
  • Raising money to send a Make-A-Wish student to the happiest place on earth, Disney World.

We believe the dreams of our current generation were meant to intersect with the courageous dreams of the ones who went before us.

Live and lead boldy today!

dreams come true


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