Who Better To Create a Toy Line than Kids Themselves?


That’s the idea behind Wristworld, the newest Loveworks Leadership student-run business. Wristworld is a series of collectible wristbands generating holographic-style augmented reality (AR) video games, right on your wrist!  Last year, Trifecta Communications teamed up with Loveworks Leadership for an experiential learning opportunity that was designed to inspire innovation and entrepreneurialism. In February, a team of local middle school students returned from the New York International Toy Fair and are preparing to unveil their product to the public on April 23rd with a Kickstarter campaign.

“I never dreamed we’d get this far with our idea,” said Katie Sparks, a twelve-year-old member of the Wristworld marketing team. “We knew AR wristbands would be cool, but getting accepted to the biggest toy fair in the world takes it to a whole new level.”

Trifecta Communications, an Oklahoma City based marketing/technology company, came alongside as a business mentor to work with the students to develop a product, business plan and marketing plan, then partnered together to create the technology.

“Most people have a hard time believing twelve and thirteen-year-old kids are doing all of this,” said Michael Hirsch, Loveworks Executive Director.  “Our goal is to give them the right resources and opportunities, then see what they can create. In this case, the students rose to the challenge and developed a phenomenal product.”

Wristworld students met multiple nights a week for the past seven months with the team from Trifecta Communications.  Along the way, they learned important STEM skills including computer coding, 3D modeling and augmented reality content development. They also learned about business planning, marketing, and design.  The end result is a truly unique product to the toy industry; fully conceptualized, designed and promoted by kids.

“While our team brought technical expertise to the table, this project is truly driven by the kids,” said Shelbi Rosa, Art Director for Trifecta Communications. “It’s rewarding to see them grow into roles typically reserved for the adult world…then blow people’s mind with their knowledge.”

Wristworld is a series of four augmented reality wristbands sold individually and as a full set.  Each band corresponds with a different level in the Wristworld universe, allowing players to explore, solve puzzles, fight enemies and ultimately save Wristworld from destruction.  The wristbands create holographic game experiences when scanned with the Wristworld mobile app via an Apple or Android device.

More about Wristworld at www.wrist.world.  Dreams come true here!

Screen Shot 2019-04-01 at 1.50.02 PM.png

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