Smash the Secret

330_FB.jpgThe statement we hear all the time from hundreds of professional mentors, volunteers, and parents in our community when they first learn about Loveworks… is that they wish something like Loveworks existed when they were in middle school.

Loveworks was founded eight years ago to meet a need that we found in our community. The hours of 3PM – 6PM are the hours in which youth today are going to be influenced the most, positively or negatively.

Most people look at it as a “time gap” – to fill up what they will do after school… go home and chill out from the school day by playing video games, sports teams or other extracurricular activities. Even some have no plan and aimlessly pass the time till dinner or when their parents get home from work. So you can easily see the problematic nature of how peer pressure, apathy, destructive behaviors or poor choices can quickly settle in.

We saw this critical timeframe for more of what it is… if you look closely, it is a “leadership gap”

So WHAT IF we built an opportunity that re-invented afterschool programs

loveworks heart.png by intersecting leadership initiatives,

loveworks heart.png student-oriented entrepreneurship,

loveworks heart.png and experiential learning.

To shape a generation of young leaders and impact the trajectory of young hearts for eternity.

We believe that some students will change the world and others will change the world around them. Our mission is to give every student an opportunity to lead… and inspire the BIG dreams in 11 – 14 year old students.

So after school, hundreds of students come to the Loveworks Center, bussed over by our partnership with Norman Public Schools. When they step off, dozens of high fives and cheering mentors greet them at the door instead of bullies. They smell a home cooked dinner prepared by volunteer chefs and look forward to “family dinner” around the table after programming. They can come here for leadership lessons and experiential learning.

This sure beats playing video games just to pass the time.

There are tons of opportunities for your student to get involved with Loveworks! We believe in the dreams in their heart, as much as you do. Visit or follow us on social media to volunteer, register for programs, partner your professional services or business. The sky is the limit for BIG dreams!



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