CCCurious about Loveworks?


In recent years, Shark Tank has popularized entrepreneurs as celebrities and brought renewed public interest in innovative ideas and small businesses. This has fueled a powerful thought – regardless of sector, leaders will always revolutionize into what can be. This is the epitome of dreaming in action. So we’d like to pose the question, what happens when we take off the age limit of CEOs, advocates, teachers, and inventors?

Loveworks Leadership is at the forefront of shaping middle school students into a generation of young leaders with BIG dreams with a desire to grow.

The 3 C’s: Character. Competence. Community.

The Loveworks programs intersect student-oriented entrepreneurship, experiential learning and leadership initiatives to help youth discover their potential and live into their dreams.

When a student walks deeper into their life purpose, positive habits are formed, cycles of addiction diminish, and apathy is smashed with hope for the future. This is the powerful combination of shaping dreamers and doers.

We believe leaders are born and made. Some people will change the world, others will change the world around them. Our approach directly targets the leadership capacity within the youth, so that they can grow up to be contributing members to society with values that uphold what our nation was founded upon. Research shows that the most critical hours in a student’s day is 3pm – 6pm, immediately after school. This is when their behaviors, associations, and habits can either critically enhance their development or become toxic.

Through our 21 school partnerships over the last seven years, Loveworks has positively impacted more than 10,000 students with programs facilitated by 1,500 volunteers and 130 business leaders.

It takes a village – get involved!

The secret sauce of our organization is the combination of critical community resources that rally together to position students with a safe place for ideas to incubate and nurture growth. For more information about volunteering in our offices or with our students, visit


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