Dreamers and Doers

While society has labeled this upcoming generation as lazy, distracted, and out of touch, we don’t see that at Loveworks. We see this generation as an opportunity for growth, change, and hope. We see them as a generation of dreamers, but also doers.

We believe in helping students discover their potential and live into their dreams by providing experiential learning opportunities with mentors and professionals so that dreams can move into ACTION. Not day dreaming or procrastinating, but DOING. I only see that happening because of you, the community of leaders, business owners, professionals, parents, and passionate individuals who have come alongside the students of our community to make it all the better.

Because at Loveworks, when ideas and dreams gain momentum they look like… 

Entrepreneurism: Small businesses like REAL Kitchen and Wristworld, but also equipping all our students to gain lifelong business skills in the entrepreneurship programs.

Productive Hobbies: Students who take charge of their personal growth and develop new skills.

Community Service: Students giving back by volunteering and initiating goodwill because they understand that the problems in the world are big, but everyone can make a difference.

Loveworks is more committed than ever to see this generation equipped with the tools for innovation, encouragement, and accountability. You’re a part of Loveworks and the movement that invests in the students of our community because you know you’re investing in generations to come. You’re a dreamer and a doer creating more advocates for a better future for us all.


Michael Hirsch
Executive Director
(405) 397-9576

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