Are You Unsure or Stuck with Your BIG Dream?

It would be one of the biggest compliments to overhear two people talking about me and one would say that I am “a big dreamer”. You see, those who hold the space inside to dream become champions to help others realize their big dream. 

When you walk into the Loveworks Center, one of the things you will see right away is a large, colorful ball pit and above it written in bold letters the powerful statement: Dreams Come True Here. 

Because this is a place for dreamers and doers. 

We are kicking of this school semester to delve deeper into this theme. Encouraging our students to see themselves as a Dreamer & a Doer – that we need to learn to be both. I believe that many people, regardless of age, find themselves in one of two places when it comes to their dream. They are either feel unsure or stuck. Have you experienced one of these places? I know that I have! Both places are normal and are part of the process. 

This year, our Loveworks team is hoping to clear a path for students to experience as many opportunities as possible to discover their dream. This is how we tackle feeling unsure or stuck – by giving students permission, in a safe environment, to practically and tactically discover what makes their heart come alive. To learn that it’s okay to fail or not achieve the desired outcome. 

As parents we have all the good intentions when we ask the question “what do you want to be or do when you grow up?”, but the unintended consequences of this question may result in him or her looking ahead only to a future day that is currently out of their control and reach. At Loveworks, we encourage our students to think about the day that is in their control – TODAY. And that today is the day to begin acting like the person they desire to become and how that focus will invest into who they become in the future.

Being a big dreamer doesn’t mean that you walk around with your head in the clouds. It embodies a person who holds a mindset of purpose, with healthy habits that cultivate positive choices and finds fulfillment in the process.

Dreaming big means having the mental freedom to think about what you really want out of life and removing the excuses of why you can’t make it a reality. It means having high standards for your life and not waiting for others to raise the bar for you. 

I believe one of the biggest dreams a person can have is to become the best version of themselves they possibly can. This is the mindset of a leader and how leadership intersects with the heart of a dreamer.

So, the next time you find yourself walking into Loveworks, slow down for just a moment and think about your big dream. Who is the person you desire to be today? What is one small step that you can take to act on your dream? 

We believe in you and your BIG dream!

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