Make it Happen, Doers

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If you’ve been around Loveworks long enough, chances are you’ve heard one of the staff members say, “make it happen” usually followed by one of us heading off with a clipboard in hand or directing our attention back to our laptop to crank out the next project. Whatever it is, that phrase means we’re determined to do all we can to see something happen even as we’re feeling crunched on time, numerous volunteers have reached out letting us know they won’t be able to help out, feeling like a possibility of an event happening slims, or all of the above. A slew of reasons, happenstances, and obstacles further potentially prohibit us from accomplishing a goal are now confronting us. While that may apply to the Loveworks “day to day” or events, I think those are also three things prohibit us from accomplishing our dreams. Those three obstacles are meant to be overcome, and you are more capable than you know to overcome those!

Time: Chances are, you’re a person who doesn’t have enough time, which in this day and age, is very likely. We pack our lives to the brim in ways we’ve never done before. With the cellular device many of us keep within reach, “boredom” has become more and more impossible as we progress into a future where we can constantly fill our time with activities, social media, and immediate entertainment. When you say “yes” to one thing, you’re also saying “no” to another. So what if we prioritized time for our dreams instead of letting the last few moments of the day or waiting for a large block of time to fall into our lap? What if we said “no” to the easy stuff to fill our time like social media, another episode on our Netflix binge, or another hangout with friends and did the challenging and intimidating things instead? We all have more time than we know if we’re willing to shift our priorities. 

Support: Find the right support team that will help you do what you need to do. Surround yourself with other goal-setters and achievers that like-mindedly are pursuing their dreams; it’ll make a huge difference in motivation when your friends and colleagues are pushing hard too! Find a mentor that has accomplished a lot in the area you wish to become accomplished, reach out to them, and set up a meeting or phone call to see if there’s wisdom or opportunity available. 

Opportunity: Part of chasing your dreams is waiting for opportunities to come, the other part is making those opportunities to happen. Very rarely are people going to come into our lives asking the right questions and presenting the perfect launchpad to our dreams (though sometimes it really does happen). To find opportunity, we’ve got to shift our mindset to be alert and aware of what/who is around us that could help us make another step towards reaching our dream. Be relentless, even when doors seem to close and there doesn’t seem to be a window in sight. Even small possibilities are a possibility, and we have to be brave enough to pursue them. In some ways, we’ve got to create opportunity as small leads must be acted upon. 

For some it’s hard to dream, for others it’s easy. For both kinds of people, it’s the “doing” part that is actually hard. A good place to start with “making it happen” means addressing three areas: our time, our support, and our opportunity. We have more power than we want to believe in these areas if we focused on active pursuit and didn’t let ourselves be slaves to fear and doubt. 

You know what cures fear? Action

Make it happen, Dreamers and Doers.

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