Want to LINK up with Loveworks?

We may be under a shelter-in-place but our leadership can be alive and thriving during this season. 

Last week when the walls felt like they were closing in, our staff and partners scrambled together and a beautiful plan was born: Loveworks At-Home Leadership digital programming.

With the help of NextThought and various community partners and volunteers we created a FREE, experiential leadership course for youth ages 11 – 17yrs old called At Home Leadership. So please share this with other parents, educators, and community leaders. Now, any student across the country (or around the world) can have access to positive content that will challenge them to grow in their personal development and leadership skills.

We know this content will help students kickstart their days with inspirational stories, growth exercises, challenging questions and ways to apply what they are learning to the world around them. 

LINK stands for:
LINK (1)

We hope that people feel LINKED with Loveworks — that this time is spent launching people into their day, inspiring them with content that nourishes the leader within them, and kindles a community of positive relationships (albeit, virtual).

I was thrilled to be the LINK mystery guest with Loveworks and share about my dream to become an Ironman. No, not Tony Stark Ironman (that would be awesome). The Ironman brand of triathlon races: swim, bike and run a whole lot of miles. 140.6 total per race! During the interview, I shared about my first Ironman race in detail and how three questions made it possible for me to cross my first finish line.

Are you inspired to train for your own Ironman finish line? Sign up to race here!

We’re here take you from where you are to where you want to go!

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Michael Hirsch
Executive Director

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