Never Waste a Crisis

Did you know studies show that children ask close to 300 questions per day? We have three kiddos under the age of 10 so I am going to round up and guess that I have heard “dad, can you…. Or “dad, what is….” about 1,000 times a day this week since we are sheltered in place at home. 

Let’s do a heart check. This is a season we never saw coming when the ball dropped on January 1st. As parents, we are juggling working from home, schooling kids, keeping a clean house, and protecting our families from getting sick. And that doesn’t even touch the emotional and financial pressures mounting before us. 

As the morning hours tick into the afternoon and lead to the dinner hour, it can be hard for us to balance the needs of our children with the demands we carry as adults. 

One more, “dad…..” or “mom,’….” might be all it takes to snap back and shout “NO!”

Curiosity can be tricky. It builds thriving minds yet wears us down.

>>> But what if this crisis holds the opportunity to build up the hearts of our children, improve our relationships at home and nurture a piece of their hearts that long for attention? 

Where is the good in a crisis? The hearts of our children aren’t essential supplies that run out. The hunger to learn new things and be together isn’t hindered by social distancing. 

Take a look at what our Loveworks Leadership team has created over the past 10 days to be a support to parents and students around the country (and they are all FREE to you!:

Untitled design (20)      Dreamers and Doers Podcast (1)

Digital Leadership (1)      rll christmas sticker (2)

So, let’s all lean in and help our children grow in their leadership during this crisis. What we “seed” into their hearts will be the fruit that will flourish when life returns to “normal.” We are here to see EVERY student have the opportunity to lead – even while they are at-home. 


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