Sometimes You Have to Judge a Book by Its Cover

Anchor tagged along with me to a bookstore the other day. Those are my “happy places.”  As we wandered the aisles, he picked up a book for me to buy. At first, I thought he was just being funny, but then I turned it over and read this quote:

“We live in a broken world. How should we react? No doubt, some actions lessen the pain and that’s a good thing. But neither clenched fists nor helping hands alone will bring about the complete transformation God wants. Only love can touch us at the point of our pain and begin to heal us and make us whole individually and collectively. We are called to love. To love God, to love our neighbors, even to love our enemies. Yes, love can be a real struggle. Anger is easier. It is time for love, rather than pride and division, to be our final fight.” – John M. Perkins

We get asked a lot about what inspired the name of our organization. Over a decade ago, there was an outreach called Loveworks in Norman, Oklahoma that brought all walks of life, different church denominations, and anyone with a heart to volunteer once a month to meet needs in the community. Unfortunately, this outreach stopped; when I learned about the heart behind the name, to be no respecter of person and to find needs in the community and fill them, I knew this would be the perfect name to keep us centered on the mission of Loveworks: to love people wherever they are at and leading them into the person they were created to be. 

In case you are wondering, I bought the book 🙏🏿

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