What Zone Are You In?

Have you ever struggled to find the motivation to do something you know is important? 

I’ll raise my hand up high. 

If you are breathing, you know this feeling too. 

I‘ve found there are times when I can quickly get it together and other times when it takes a small army to move things into motion. 

When it comes to parenting, I’m not disillusioned to think there is a cache of silver bullets for anything, but I want to share with you a powerful thought that could help you lead your student to become more than they ever thought possible. (and something you can apply to your life as well!).

This concept I’m about to share with you came at an unexpected moment, a conversation with an 11-year old. Yes, you heard that right, from one of our students during our summer leadership camp at Loveworks. 

I was mentoring a group of students interested in the sport of triathlon who were outside running during one of the hottest days of summer. 

While keeping a watchful eye on all of the students running I noticed a particular couple of students who began rotating between running and walking. This was not unusual, considering how far they already ran and the conditions outside. 

I asked both students how they were doing. The first student said “okay,” and the other student said “I’m in my challenge zone.”

The second response caught me completely off guard. So, I asked the student to repeat how they were feeling and then out of curiosity how many zones that they have. 

You may now enter your Challenge Zone 

I love when we can find specific language to help us better lead ourselves and unpack the emotions or feelings within us. 

Knowing your zone and how to push forward or pull back can be a game changer for you personally, with your co-workers, kids, etc. 

So, drumroll please. Here are the zones. 

  • Comfort Zone
  • Challenge Zone
  • Panic Zone

After we finished our run, I asked this student which zones they experienced and the answer was all three. 

Next week, we’re going to break down each of these zones. I’ve started adopting this language with my family and can already see the difference with my own kids. 

“I believe that it is through challenging ourselves that we stretch our limits, break down barriers and realize we can achieve far more than we think.”- Sophie Radcliffe

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