Fit In or Stand Out?

When you know who you are, it doesn’t matter what you are not.

Sometimes I wonder if I enjoy Pixar movies as much as my kids… or more? 

The movies are always amazing, but something I look forward to are the short films they show prior to the full movie. In just a matter of minutes, and often without any words, they pull together an entire storyline that leaves me fully applauding their creative genius. 

We recently saw one on Disney+ called Float

Warning: you might want to get a box of tissues because you are going to need them. {seriously, who hasn’t teared up at a Pixar movie!} 

The short tells the story of a father who discovers that his young son is different from other kids because he floats. Rather than subject him to judgment from the outside world due to his difference, the father keeps his son out of sight. “Float” was inspired by a father whose son was diagnosed with autism.

Please pause today and give yourself seven minutes to watch Float

What a powerful story about being a parent and navigating our unique struggles that we all have either experienced as adults or have gone through with our kids. 

I felt this was an important story to share about acceptance and being able to love and celebrate the uniqueness in our children.

What if we celebrate them for who they are and not who or what we want them to be? What if we replace frustration with their flaws and instead see strengths that shine?

So, will you choose to let your student stand out?

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