Are you a dreamer or a doer?

This week, we want to make sure you’ve heard one of our best Loveworks secrets… did you know Loveworks hosts the weekly Dreamers and Doers Facebook livestream and podcast

At Loveworks we believe that you are never too young to be a dreamer and that you are never too old to get started working on your dream. 

Dreamers and Doers interviews highlight guests that share their dream stories to inspire you to take action on your dreams. We know it helps to hear stories from people who have had to find their way, overcome obstacles, invent creative solutions, and chart their own dreamer and doer pathway to success. 

So, do you consider yourself a more natural dreamer or doer? 

Don’t worry, this is one of those questions with no wrong answer. As I’ve experienced and heard from our various guests, each of us has a tendency to be more inclined to dreaming or doing. 

Dreamer: Imagineer, thought-leader, concept driven, gets lost in what could be

Doer: Actionable, practical, analytical, gets down to business 

In my early childhood, I remember that I had a dream to be a rock star. Instead of taking vocal or guitar lessons, I called up a few of my friends in my neighborhood and told them we WERE going to start a band. In hindsight, I realize now that I skipped a step or two, but several minutes later we were knocking on doors selling concert tickets for a quarter and the concert was going to take place that same afternoon. This might be dreaming and doing to the extreme, but both of these come very natural to me. In case you are wondering, that afternoon was my first and last concert that I performed in front of my mom, grandma and our friends’ moms. 

Unfortunately, as I got a little older into middle and high school, I drifted towards the dreamer with very little follow through to actually doing. This was where I started to get into little trouble. I have a feeling that I am not alone. 

I wish my story was unique, but at Loveworks we find that many of the students we work with have either stopped dreaming, or they seem stuck and unsure how to get started doing their dream. 

So, where to go from here? First, check out and subscribe to our Youtube channel or Podcast. Baruc Lara shared candidly about pivotal moments in his life he started and the “doer” awakened within them. 

In the meantime, if there was one thing that I could encourage either the more natural dreamer or doer, would be in the direction of sticking with or starting a personal growth plan. 
Here’s the thing. It does not have to be hard. This past week, my co-host, Carolyn Le and I shared about what has recently been working for us as it pertains to our own personal growth. Get ready to be challenged with your growth mindset, buckets, and a journaling hack that has worked for me the last 2 years. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes a day.

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