Into the Wind

“The wind and waves are always on the side of the ablest navigators” Robin Sharma

I remember when I first took up the sport of triathlon 8 years ago that it did not take long to realize the intensity of the Oklahoma winds. Sing with me… “Ohhhhhhklahoma, where the wind goes sweeping on the plains.” 

I can recall rides when the wind blew so strong that it felt like my contacts were going to peel off of my eyes. It seemed like the longest stretches of miles were always straight into a headwind. I’m sure some of the drivers who whizzed past me on the side of the road thought I was having a heated exchange with someone on the phone, because I would often talk back or even yell at the wind. I know, embarrassing. 

The wind was a physical and mental force that I would battle. Soon, I started to plan my training around the forecast. Avoiding the wind. At times, it got the better of me and defeated, I would cancel or make excuses. 

Fortunately, life does not give us the opportunity to check the next days to know our life events. Can you imagine if we could predict the following days what good and bad things would happen to us? Imagine, scrolling on social media this past January and reading a post that was broadcasting information about an unknown virus? Or a few months notice your job may get cut or a loved one would become ill. 

How would you live differently today if you knew what would happen tomorrow? 

An ancient Chinese Proverb says, when the winds of change blow, some people build walls and others build windmills. This simply means some people shift into survival mode and others put that wind to work on their behalf. 

It took a few years to learn the hard way, but I made a commitment to no longer let fear get the best of me. To not let the wind blow stronger than my goals, habits and dreams. 

Now, it’s very rare that I check the forecast for the next day. I’ve come to learn that the wind, when you approach it the right way, can make you stronger and more resilient. It’s hard to describe, but there is nothing like beginning to build up the strength to approach the wind with the right perspective and find joy in the middle of the struggle. To come out feeling better and stronger after the fact. 

I believe that we have that opportunity when life circumstances seem to be coming at us from every direction. 

If you can push through the wind long enough, eventually, you will make a turn and get a chance to ride with the wind. 

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