Sharing Your Unique Gifts | Growing Together with Erica Ray

What are your family traditions?  What about your favorite pastimes with your closest friends?  Ever thought of doing something together that would stimulate meaningful discussions and personal growth?  Here is your chance!

Grab your kiddos or call up your closest friends and join us for an episode of the Dreamers & Doers Podcast! Each Growing Together post will provide you with thought provoking questions to discuss, steps to put what you learn into action, and opportunities to share with others.  

Today we are exploring your unique gifts with singer and songwriter, Erica Ray.  

Erica was born and raised in the heart of Oklahoma. She began singing and writing her own music at a very young age. After graduating from the Academy of Contemporary Music in Oklahoma City, Erica began leading worship along with furthering her studies in Social Work. In 2019, she released her debut single “Masterpiece”, a song purposefully written for a non-profit in her hometown that serves child sexual abuse survivors. Writing music has helped Erica in her healing process and she is dedicated to empowering those who are finding their voices. Her latest single, “At Home Now (Holy, Holy, Holy)” is an artistic expression of how faith is the source of her peace and sense of belonging.

Think About It.

Before starting the podcast, share this question with those who will be watching with you.

What is your passion?  Not sure what that is, ask yourself these questions: 

  • What keeps you up at night? 
  • What do you wake up thinking about? 
  • What lights your heart up? 

That is your PASSION!

Discuss It.

Now that you’ve listened to the podcast, use the following questions to unpack what you learned with your family and friends.

  1. Challenges and pain are inevitable.  What is an example from your life where you experienced something difficult? How did working through it help you become stronger?
  1. Going back to the question we asked before listening to the podcast, what is your passion?  Share it with your group.  This is a great first step towards making your dream come true!  
  2. How could your passion be used to create awareness or help others?

Do it.

Alright, now what?  What is your next step? How can you put ONE thing you learned today into practice?  Here are a few ideas!

  • Start a dream journal and fill it with your passions, goals and big dreams.
  • Post visual reminders on your mirror or in your car to remind yourself that your uniqueness is needed in this world!
  • Find a person who has a similar passion and who is actively pursuing it.  Contact them or read about them to see how they made their dream a reality!
  • Choose an organization in your community and volunteer together as a family or group.

Share It.

If you heard something today that resonated with you, share it with your friends on social media.  Tag @loveworksleadership. We’d love to hear from you! 

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