Episode 30: Food for Every Season with Emily Schuermann

Emily Schuermann: Food for a Year

In 2010, Emily participated in the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off. It confirmed her passion and spring-boarded her into a deep love of creating and testing her very own food ideas. Let’s hear from Emily!

“I have been blessed with a full house of hungry humans! With three boys and a girl (and a food-loving husband), I have ample opportunity to cook lots of family favorites — and probably even more recipes that are sure to make at least one member of my herd cry ((ha!)). Oh, surely you know what I mean??!? One too many flecks of green, not deep-fried and in the shape of a finger, white cheese instead of orange…I could go on.

I have found if they can get past the fear of green, the lack of breading, and maybe even a couple of “new” colors — their list of favorites grows.

Why “Food for a Year”? As I have looked back over my little collection of foodie pictures, I have realized what I prepare is directly connected to what our family is experiencing. Not just seasons (which bring plenty of great variety) but also the ages of my kids, the number of kids I have, time of day people are eating, special family days, holidays & travel.”

Emily gravitates between being a dreamer and doer. She tries to balance having dreams with having tools to effectively accomplish those dreams!

From Engineering to Culinary 

Emily grew up watching Julia Child and showed an interest in cooking at an early age. Going through school she was good at math and science and pursued a career in engineering. While engineering was a good career, she knew it was not what she loved and had a passion for. During her 4th pregnancy, Emily was placed on bedrest and turned to the Food Network for entertainment! It was there that she learned about the 44th Pillsbury Bake-Off and decided to enter. This opportunity taught Emily that she could follow her dreams and support her family.

Following your Passions

When deciding to leave her engineering career, Emily found herself facing these 3 questions when making her decisions. 

  • Does it fit within your larger goals and responsibilities?
  • Was it bringing natural success or was it a series of failures?
  • Does it give you fulfillment in a positive way?

Emily followed her gut and felt doors were opening during her transition. She feels this is how she knew it was meant to be!

Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes it is difficult to leave your comfort zone to jump into your big dream. Emily suggests trying to test the waters of your big dream before cutting off all ties with your comfort area. This is a great way to see if it is the right fit for you. In addition, pay attention to your feelings. If you are feeling dread toward one particular task, take note of it. This could be a sign to move toward something else!

Middle School Advice

It can be difficult to not know what your future will look like or have little control over how your day goes. However, there are some things you do have control over. Make the most of the opportunities you have in front of you now and begin exploring your passions in your free time. Emily encourages you to be able to look back to your middle school self and say I fulfilled my dreams. 

Key Takeaways 

  • It can take a while to find the path toward your dreams, but stay the course and be mindful of opportunities.
  • Check your heart and evaluate your feelings toward what it is you’re doing.
  • Look for open doors and new opportunities and be ready to take action!

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