Episode 1: Have To or Get To? with Michael Hirsch

Welcome to the Loveworks dreamers and doers Podcast # 1. At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.

If this is your first time, thank you for joining us and giving us the thing that means the most to you – your time. If you’re returning, welcome back! We know you have lots of options out there in the Podcast universe.

Our hope with Dreamers & Doers podcast is that each week’s special guests will connect with you wherever you find yourself today and inspire you to become the best version of yourself for tomorrow.

Michael Hirsch: Executive Director of Loveworks Leadership

Michael Hirsch is the Executive Director of Loveworks Leadership – a non-profit based out of Norman, Oklahoma with a mission that believes a person is never too young to be a leader. Since its inception, Loveworks has worked with over 12,000 students and has helped to launch two start-up companies, Real Kitchen salsa, and Real Tech In his spare time, you’ll find him training for his next triathlon, his 10th full Ironman race this year in Tulsa, Oklahoma. He has been married for eighteen years and has 3 adorable children. His favorite food is sushi and is never without a Starbucks drink in hand. Micheal Hirsch believes it’s never too late to be a leader. 

Dreaming Big

Michael’s first big dream when he was younger was to be an Iron Man. As a nine-year-old growing up in Michigan, he watched a story of a man and his disabled son race all around the world. It inspired him to do Ironman Triathlons. Michael signed up for his first race seven years ago, and today has competed in nine Ironman races. 

Faced with Quitting

His first and most memorable race was Houston, TX. It was the race he almost quit. He knew the race was going to keep getting harder and in mile 3 of the marathon, he was stuck. He saw a cooler and sat down. A volunteer athlete approached Michael and asked him three questions:

  1. Are you going to quit?
  2. Are you hurt?
  3. Can you walk? 

It occurred to him walking was something he could at least do and preserved through. He achieved his nine year old dream of being an Ironman. 

Michael’s ADVICE –

Finish what you started. Don’t let your highs get too high and get your lows too low. Do the thing that inspires you and use your resources to take advantage of your opportunities. Micheal believes anything with hard work is possible and that you should never stop dreaming. 

Want to sign up for At Home Leadership, our online leadership course for students ages 11-17? Head to http://www.loveworksleadership.org for how to sign up and more digital learning opportunities.

Interested in signing up for a future Iron Man? https://www.ironman.com/races

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s never too late to be a dreamer and a leader.
  • Do the things that inspire you!
  • Surround yourself with people who are going to support you and uplift you to help you achieve your goal.

Connect with Michael:

Instagram: @mihirsch00
Facebook: @MichaelHirsch
LinkedIn: @MichaealHirsch

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One Comment Add yours

  1. Nancy Hirsch says:

    I am so proud of my son. This has been a “tough” year for everyone but Michael’s love for running these races has never let anyone or anything stop him! Praying he crosses that finish line for the “10th time”. GO MICHAEL GO

    Liked by 1 person

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