Episode 37: Making the Most of Your Time with Antonio Barahona

The Gift of Giving with Michael and Carolyn 

We believe personal growth is a blast! Today Michael and Carolyn are sharing resources you can buy that help you grow! 

Carolyn shares about Growing Leaders. This is perfect for educators who want to help their students with personal growth. Michael recommends both the Habitudes and Generation Z Unfiltered

Michael also recommends the Big Journal for Kids. It helps kids get into the habit of journaling each and every day.

Let’s meet our Dreamer and Doer!

Antonio Barahona: Founder of Riviera Mayan Kravans

Antonio Barahona was born and raised in Cozumel, Mexico. After getting his Business Admin degree, he traveled up and down the US Eastern Coast which included working for Disney in addition to Palace Resorts in Cozumel and Playa del Carmen! With his travels, he discovered an ability to tell encapsulating stories and a love to connect with people which led him to start his own transportation business, becoming an Iron Man, and leaving a party animal life-style behind for something much more fulfilling: giving back. 

Antonio answers this question easily, he is more of a natural doer! 

Learning from Tourism

Antonio grew up working with many different tourists. He reflects that this helped him a lot with learning new languages and about different cultures. This launched his dream of traveling around the world to learn more about all the places the tourists would talk about. Antonio remembers writing a letter in middle school where he said he wanted to travel, and realizes that he fulfilled that dream! 

From Parties to Triathlons

In his mid 20’s, Antonio found himself pursuing a party lifestyle. He realized that it was not a healthy way to live and it was something he needed to change. One day he saw people running in a race and decided he wanted to do that. Antonio began to run IRONMAN races and people were able to see the amazing shift in his life! Racing played a big part in Antonio’s transition.

Starting Riviera Mayan Kravans

After getting his degree, Antonio began working for big companies like Disney. He learned a lot about management and operating a business while there. He decided to start his own transportation company where he focuses on each customer like they are the VIP. 

Antonio’s business has faced many challenges. Even when you have a backup plan, things can still go wrong! Antonio is in business to help people, and he reminds us that that’s what should always come first. 

Middle School Advice

Stay active and pursue learning. You have time to decide what you want to do, but go out and enjoy life. Look for opportunities that can teach you new things and always take that opportunity. Don’t waste your time!

Key Takeaways

  • Find an outlet that can pull you from your bad habits.
  • Stay motivated by focusing on helping others. Follow through!
  • Don’t waste your time. Always look for opportunities.

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