Something IS Something

Very rarely do I post anything about my workouts. There’s just something about my intentions that don’t feel right. But, with the kick-off to a new year, I wanted to post this one. 

This workout felt horrible. Just look at these stats!  From accidentally drinking a decaffeinated cup of coffee (who invented that anyway?!) to every stroke in the pool and stride on the treadmill. I felt lethargic and blah, and was left wondering “Why am I even doing this?” This is supposed to be my qualifying year for Kona. 

Then I remembered, Something IS Something. Every hard stroke, every tired step was one more closer to the goal. 

I’m not sure how you are feeling today. Just remember, one page read in that book, one math problem, one cleaned up sock off the floor, one less gram of sugar, one kind word, one stroke of a pen, one strum on the guitar, one minute of prayer. Something IS Something.

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