Episode 41: Beauty Dreams with Margo Gianos

Margo Gianos: Co-CEO of Honestly Margo

Margo Gianos is a driven young woman with a work-life experience under her belt by the age of 20 that most adults have never had.  Growing up in Oklahoma City, her passion for entrepreneurism led her to create a beauty/wellness item that fueled her to start a bath and beauty company with her mother at the young age of 12.  All while going to school full time, Honestly Margo grew to a nationally recognized bath and beauty brand, featured in magazines, on Good Morning America, The View, even having a TV special on TLC.  

Margo also is an author and wrote a short book, TEEN BOSS CODE to share her experience of being a Teen CEO, its challenges and some tips for kids interested in taking the leap.  By 18, Margo was the youngest to win 40 under 40 influencers in the gift and stationery industry by Gift Shop Magazine.  Margo was one of the 100 incoming freshmen selected to be in the President’s Leadership Program at the University of Oklahoma.  She is currently a sophomore at OU, pursuing her degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurship.  Margo is also a member of the Tri Delta Sorority.  Through all her accomplishments, Margo gets the most satisfaction not only by co-creating clean beauty products, but by inspiring other young women to follow their passions as well and let them know that anything is possible.

Margo says she is both a dreamer and a doer. Without a dream, there is nothing to do!

Entrepreneur from the Beginning

Margo’s parents are both very entrepreneurial. She was inspired at a young age to follow in their footsteps and start her own business! Margo spent time googling how to start a business in her free time. 

Soon, Margo turned to lip balm as a business! She was selling lip balm in 6th grade to all of her friends. Margo’s mom helped her turn it into a professional business by creating labels and packaging. She couldn’t believe that a kid from Oklahoma could actually start a business, but she did it!

Finding a Support System

Margo was blessed with a support system, but Margo encourages others who may not have a similar experience to just start. Find peers and people you trust to begin bouncing ideas off of. Search how to do what you want and learn the necessary skills. 

Keeping Your Why Ahead of You

Margo focuses on her why. When she isn’t sure what the next step is, she remembers she continues to inspire others and help people from her business. Keep your why ahead of you and remember it when you are feeling stuck!

Middle School Advice

There are always going to be people who don’t support you. Ignore them! Find the people who do support you and surround yourself with good vibes.

Key Takeaways

  • Find what you are passionate about to follow.
  • Seek out a support system.
  • Keep your why ahead of you.

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