Taking Steps Toward Your Dream |Growing Together with Chris Capehart

What are your family traditions?  What about your favorite pastimes with your closest friends?  Ever thought of doing something together that would stimulate meaningful discussions and personal growth?  Here is your chance!

Grab your kiddos or call up your closest friends and join us for an episode of the Dreamers & Doers Podcast!  

Each Growing Together post will provide you with thought provoking questions to discuss, steps to put what you learn into action, and opportunities to share with others.  

Today we are discussing the steps to take that will lead you towards your dream with Chris Capehart.

Chris Capehart is the author of Step, Life Story, The “Blank” Leader, The Intentional Year, Shaping Belief and #Goals. While writing Step, Chris served as CMO at Oven Bits where he drove over 100% growth adding millions in revenue and helping to produce 20+ features in the Apple and Google app stores. This was done in partnership with brands such as L’Oréal, Lush Cosmetics, Hilton, and Vogue. Chris resides in the DFW area and is married to Amy. They have two daughters and one on the way. 

Think About It.

Before starting the podcast, share these questions and thoughts with those who will be watching with you to ponder while you listen to the podcast.

How do you personally define success?  Is it achieving your goals or do you include the steps you take to get there?  

What about the failures you face on the road to achieving your dream?

Remember, you do not need to succeed 100% of the time to be successful.

Failure can be a stepping stone to success if you allow yourself to take in the lessons you learned from each failure and apply them the next time around.  Failure only happens when you quit trying!

Discuss It.

Now that you’ve listened to the podcast, use the following questions to unpack what you learned with your family and friends.

Every day you have a choice to make to write your own story.  You have the choice whether or not to let your past and/or your current circumstances dictate the future you’re going to have. 

  1. What challenge have you faced that became a defining moment in your life?  
  1. What lesson did you learn that you can apply to a choice you need to make today that will take you closer to the dream you are pursuing?

The Proverbial Mile is the seemingly infinite distance from where you are today and where you want to be tomorrow.  It is the space between the things we want to achieve, the person we want to become, and the business idea we want to develop.  The proverbial mile can be overwhelming if you just look at the mile mark so instead look down at your feet and focus on the next step.  Each step is achievable, can fit in with your everyday life, and can get you closer to your dreams.  

  1. What small, achievable step can you take today that will take you closer to your dream?
Do it.

Alright, now what?  What is your next step? How can you put ONE thing you learned today into practice?  Here are a few ideas!

Chris had the opportunity to get hands on learning from a young age of how to startup and manage a business.  He was able to see how the skills he was learning in school could apply to the daily in and outs of running a business.  Not all of us are going to have this type of opportunity so where can you go RIGHT NOW to be a part of something that will help you prepare to make your dream come true?

  • Volunteer with an organization that is solving a problem you are passionate about
  • Apply for an internship with a company that can give you the experience you need to pursue your dream
  • Find a mentor who is doing what you dream of doing

“You have everything you need inside of you to do everything you are dreaming about doing.  You just have to do it one step at a time.”  – Chris Capehart

If you are interested in learning more from Chris check out his book, Step.

Step is about reclaiming, pursuing, and achieving those dreams in the midst of everyday life. In fact, the book was written to prove this very concept. Chris used the principles you’ll learn about to write and launch Step while simultaneously doubling the size of a technology company, and remaining actively engaged with his wife and daughter, who was two at the time.

When you read Step you will start to dream again, and if you are already dreaming you will be encouraged and equipped to continue the journey you’re on.

Share It.

If you heard something today that resonated with you, share it with your friends on social media.  Tag @loveworksleadership. We’d love to hear from you!

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