Episode 47: Redefining a Win with Ryan Westrup

Ryan Westrup: Pastor at the Life.Church Norman

Let’s hear from Ryan!

My name is Ryan Westrup. I have served as the LifeGroups/LifeMissions Pastor at the Life.Church Norman Campus right here in Norman, Oklahoma for the past three years. I’ve been a part of Life.Church for six years. My role entails developing leaders, connecting people, and resourcing communities. 

My wife, Kara and I married in 2015. We met the first day of College algebra at Oklahoma Christian University. We have three cats that were previously feral and are now completely domesticated and we are expecting a little kiddo on the way. Some of the things we enjoy are riding bikes, drinking good coffee, swimming, working out, and a good Netflix show.  

Prior to becoming a pastor I was a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. I have a BS in Biology from Oklahoma Christian University and a MS in Exercise Science from the University of Central Oklahoma.

Ryan says he is a more natural dreamer!

From Competitive to Entrepreneurial 

Ryan grew up naturally competitive. He found himself competing with friends as he grew up, but also found he was naturally driven with academics. He was always intrigued with being an entrepreneur, which fits in well with his competitive nature.

Entrepreneurship helped Ryan quite a bit growing up. Ryan is multi passionate, and wanted to pursue other ventures on the side while he was in school. He created a lawn business for a season and even started being a personal trainer!

A Competitive Encourager

Ryan is competitive, but he is also a big encourager. After a conversation with a mentor, Ryan realized that if he encouraged people along the way he could bring people with him on his journey rather than compete all the time. It’s important to keep people around you who will push you and encourage you as well!

Working at Life.Church

At Life.Church, Ryan has been able to step into a leadership role. Not only is he able to encourage and impact people, but he can work within the community to inspire change.

Middle School Advice

Be more confident! You’ve been created to be someone special. Your gifts and talents are enough and you don’t need to fit into a mold society tries to put you in. Surround yourself with people who will speak truth over you.

Key Takeaways

  • Encourage people along your journey.
  • Use competition to drive you, not push others down.
  • Your gifts and talents are specially designed.

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