Episode 51: Emotional Intelligence with Renee Adams

Welcome to the Loveworks dreamers and doers Podcast # 51. At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.

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Renee Adams: Founder and Owner of Calm in Your Palm

Renée is a children’s book author and the founder/owner of the Calm In Your Palm®, Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks™ and Learn.Love.EQ.™ brands. She and her team enthusiastically and diligently create and develop stories for children along with entertaining and relatable characters/products. The stories and products focus on well-being and teaching children (and their parents) emotional intelligence and make learning fun. Renée is a certified Goleman Emotional Intelligence coach. She is also a Whole Modern Parent emotional intelligence “Collective Expert”.

She has recently launched two baby board books, Hoppy and Poppie character plush, the “Patoo” character blanket and EI/EQ wristbands (Happy, Sad, Excited, Scared, Angry and Calm) for the Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks™ brand! The setting is Bug Island, an enchanting place full of imagination, inspired by her home state of Colorado. The main characters are twin grasshoppers, Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks. They explore and share their Bug Island home with Queen Betty Bee, Chief Franco Firefly, Maestro Humphrey Hummingbird, King Walt Worm, Aunt Andie Ant, Dr. Spinner Spider, Patoo, the flying blanket, and more. The “Not SO Scary” and “What We Feel” books teach children, ages 0+, the most basic foundation of emotional intelligence including learning the names and being aware of feelings. She has written three downloadable digital Guides for parents or grandparents of young children, sharing key tools for teaching emotional intelligence to young children, such as how to name, understand and manage one’s emotions, manage the emotions of others, live mindfully, and be empathetic and compassionate with oneself and others.

More about Calm In Your Palm and Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks can be found on the websites and social media links below, including her EI focused blog.

Renée believes she is more of a dreamer. At first she wanted to be a doer, but she realized that being a dreamer is just as important!

Emotional Intelligence

Renée grew up working on a farm at her grandparents’ house. She learned how to be an entrepreneur there and recalls many memories. Renée also was exposed to drug and alcohol abuse as a child. As an adult, Renée works to teach emotional intelligence so that kids growing up can be more aware.

There are 4 parts of emotional intelligence. It’s important for parents to be aware of these parts so they can teach their children how to work through emotions. Everything is felt for a reason and everything can be expressed in a positive way without bringing harm to ourselves or others. 

Renée learned about emotional intelligence from Daniel Goleman. Check out his resources for more information!

Effects of The Pandemic

The pandemic has caused many different struggles with the emotional intelligence of everyone. But in children, the increase in screen time has had negative impacts. There are so many things that enhance our lives on the internet, but it really comes down to balance. Taking time to work on communication skills and talk about feelings during down time is a great way to segment out screen time.

Action Steps for Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is really about learning more about yourself. Get curious about yourself! Renée suggests identifying your values. Create a list and identify your top five.

Renée‘s Advice

Renée encourages everyone to work to replace emotions and influences that bring fear, guilt, and shame into your life. Instead replace those with things that bring love and joy!

Key Takeaways:

  • Emotions are there for a reason.
  • Emotional Intelligence is really learning about yourself.
  • Replace fear and guilt with love and joy.

Connect with Renée:

Instagram: @calminyourpalm
Facebook: @Renée R. Adams
LinkedIn: @Renee Adams

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