Finding Your Focus | Growing Together with Bola Ibidapo

What are your family traditions?  What about your favorite pastimes with your closest friends?  Ever thought of doing something together that would stimulate meaningful discussions and personal growth?  Here is your chance!

Grab your kiddos or call up your closest friends and join us for an episode of the Dreamers & Doers Podcast!  

Each Growing Together post will provide you with thought provoking questions to discuss, steps to put what you learn into action, and opportunities to share with others.  

Today we are finding your focus through your personal values with Bola Ibidapo.  

Bola is a TEDx Speaker, a Claims & Legal Specialist, founder of The Queen Talk, and cofounder of Too Fly Foundation. The Queen Talk is a nonprofit that instills leadership and entrepreneurial development in young girls and the Too Fly Foundation provides travel grants and passports to students studying or volunteering abroad.  She has a huge passion for youth and leadership – with these two combined she is unstoppable!

Think About It: Defining Your Personal Values

Before starting the podcast, share this question with those who will be watching with you.

What are your values?

  • If you know what they are, do others know and see you living them out?
  • If not, think about what you talk about and what you spend your time doing.  What is important to you, when are you the most happy?  

Knowing your values is key to pursuing your dreams.  They not only help you make decisions but keep you focused on your purpose and goals.

Discuss It: Putting Your Values in Action

Now that you’ve listened to the podcast, use the following questions to unpack what you learned with your family and friends.

  1. Do you or did you consider yourself popular at your school?  Was it important to you whether or not you were?  Did it affect your decisions?
  2. Are you or were you involved in school activities?  Why or why not?  Multiple or just one? How does or did your involvement affect your school experience?
  3. Is there a difference between who you say you are and what your actions tell people who you are?
  4. Who do you surround yourself with and how do they affect your thoughts and decisions?

Do it: Discover your values

Alright, now what?  What is your next step? How can you put ONE thing you learned today into practice?  Here are a few ideas!

Share It.

If you heard something today that resonated with you, share it with your friends on social media.  Tag @loveworksleadership. We’d love to hear from you! 

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