Episode 52: Adventure Awaits with Janelle Schroy

Welcome to the Loveworks dreamers and doers Podcast # 52. At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.

If this is your first time, thank you for joining us and giving us the thing that means the most to you – your time. If you’re returning, welcome back! We know you have lots of options out there in the Podcast universe.

Our hope with Dreamers & Doers podcast is that each week’s special guests will connect with you wherever you find yourself today and inspire you to become the best version of yourself for tomorrow.

Janelle Schroy: Founder and Director of Adventure Clubs

Janelle Schroy is the founder and director of Adventure Clubs, where kids ages 4 – 10 years old come for online, small group adventures in the areas of Conservation, World Culture, Visual and Performing Arts, and STEM. 

Janelle now travels full time with her family and they do school and work as they travel, wherever they are in the world. Her family of six has all kinds of adventures together, which you can check out on their YouTube channel, called Adventure Family Journal. Janelle is a travel journalist and freelance photographer, writing for various travel magazines and on her own blog. 

Janelle is a total doer! She likes to dream, but she has to get out there and do what she’s dreaming about.

Starting Businesses from a Young Age

Janelle grew up in an entrepreneurial family. She watched her dad create multiple different businesses, some failed and some succeeded. Janelle knew she wanted to do something in the business world! She began selling bread as a kid to the neighborhood, and even started her own dance studio. 

At age 12, Janelle had the opportunity to be an ambassador to Russia. During this time she found a passion for traveling!

Creating Adventure Clubs

While Janelle was living in South Africa, she began doing “adventures” with her kids. Her kids loved the adventures they would take each day. Janelle and her kids didn’t want to do it alone, so Janelle began inviting her friends and Adventure Clubs was born. 

Janelle believes experiential learning is key to learning. It’s important to correlate what you’re doing with your hands to what is going on in the real world! Being able to learn with friends and people close to you makes all the difference in the world. 

Janelle’s Advice

Janelle encourages everyone to really pursue their dreams. You don’t know what they could bring to you! If you pursue the dreams right in front of you, the ones farther ahead will land in your lap. 

If you don’t feel supported in your dream, remember we are here for you and believe in you!

Key Takeaways:

  • Pursue the dreams in front of you.
  • Experiential Learning is key.
  • Learning with friends is always better.

Connect with Janelle:

Instagram: @janelle_schroy
Facebook: @Janelle Schroy
LinkedIn: @Janelle Schroy

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