Biz Boot Up Episode 5: Facing Fear in Business with Sycamore and Chris’s Creations


Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe you are never too young to start a business. We’re bringing you live interviews from the Norman Farmer’s Market in Norman, OK. Each episode will feature one of our student-run businesses where they will be sharing what they’ve learned by starting a business to encourage you to start yours too!

Sycamore with Ben MacDonald

Ben MacDonald and Audrey Hartson began the guitar and fiddle duo, Sycamore, in Fall of 2020 after years of performing as collaborative musicians on multiple instruments. They perform traditional music from many regional styles, including Scottish, Irish, French-Candian, American, Western, New England, and Bluegrass. Audrey is an active educator for students of violin, cello, mandolin, piano, voice, and ukulele. Ben is the host of the long-form music podcast, Listen, on which he interviews a wide range of people involved in the music industry. They both graduated from Central Michigan University with Bachelor’s degrees in Music in 2019 and will graduate from the University of Oklahoma with Master’s degrees in Music later this month.

Ben says to be sure your business also incorporates something you’re passionate about and have fun with! Ask yourself what you like doing, and create a business off of that. 

People are very willing to help. Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help, but don’t be afraid to ask!

Chris’s Creations with Chris Willert

Chris Willert is a fifth-grader at Cleveland Elementary School in Norman. Chris, 11, is a swimmer, artist and actor who has appeared in several plays at Sooner Theatre. He joined the Loveworks Leadership program in January and was accepted to the business boot-up cohort in March. Chris, with guidance from the Loveworks staff, came up with the idea to market and sell more than three dozen oil paintings he painted during the pandemic.

Chris is learning the ins and outs of approaching customers and being social during his time in the Business Boot Up Program. He encourages others to just go for it and not be afraid!

You can find Chris at the upcoming Children’s Business Fair.

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