Episode 60: How to Serve Others in Your Business with Emma Shelton

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

This week Michael and Carolyn are sharing their favorite animated movies! We love animated movies, and we’re even theming our summer camps around Pixar films. 

Michael’s go to is Ratatouille. Carolyn loves both Inside Out and Soul. In Soul, each of the souls get to try out different things and find their passions. Carolyn compares this to Loveworks as we work to help students find their passions each day.

Emma Shelton: Founder of Earrings by Emma

Emma Shelton is the 12 year old founder of Earrings by Emma. Starting the business at the young age of 8, she was originally looking to find earrings for herself that wouldn’t irritate her sensitive ears. Unfortunately, these were nearly impossible to find. So Emma started making her own earrings using hypoallergenic plastic posts. Without the irritating metal, these earrings proved to be an excellent alternative and a huge need for earring wearers everywhere. Now offering hundreds of styles of earrings for all ages, Emma’s business has grown to employ her parents as well as several part-timers. She loves to be able to bless others with affordable, comfortable earrings! She hopes her business success is a huge encouragement to other young entrepreneurs.

Emma is a big dreamer! Sometimes her dreams are a little unrealistic, but at the end of the day after dreaming she is able to figure out a way to get it done.

Starting Earrings by Emma

Emma loves crafting and being artistic. One day when she lost her earrings, she needed to find a new pair that wouldn’t irritate her ears. She couldn’t find any! So she decided to start making them.

Word got out about Emma’s earrings and she began selling her earrings to other people. She started by going to vendor shows and selling them to family friends. Over time and during COVID, Emma was able to grow her online business much more!

Emma also loves reading in her spare time. Emma has even been featured in The Startup Squad 2 toward the end of the book.

Emma’s Big Dream

Emma wants to continue expanding her business. She one day hopes to have a warehouse or storefront where she could sell her products!

Emma’s Advice

Find a need or want if you want to start a business. Figure out a way to help solve a problem for people. Stay confident in your business, and start a website and social media for advertisement!

You can find Emma at @earringsbyemma.

Key Takeaways

  • Work to meet a need and solve a problem.
  • Find what you’re passionate about.
  • Be confident in your ideas.

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