Episode 64: A Dream Partnership with Rusty Loeffler

Rusty Loeffler: Restaurateur

Rusty co-opened Interurban Restaurants in 1976 in Norman and has been long involved in the community. He is dedicated to positively impacting our city and those around him. Rusty loves spending his free time with his family, playing with his grandchildren, and fishing. Rusty has been volunteering with Loveworks since 2011. Once a tutor, he helped bring the culinary program alive at Loveworks and continues to cook a homestyle meal every Thursday Loveworks Family dinner for our students and volunteers. 

While Rusty loves to dream, he definitely is more of a doer.

Steak and Ale

Rusty began waiting tables with his friend Robert Ross “Rosser” during college. Together they worked at Steak and Ale. When the owner decided to move to Milwaukee, WI, the pair decided to move with him. Over time, Rusty and Rosser drifted apart, but both found their way back to Oklahoma City. There they began to dream and decided to open their own restaurant. 

A Solidified Business Partnership

Rusty and Rosser were friends and business partners for 50 years. They both were very similar people and it was fairly easy for them to remain friends. Their lives together outside of work is one of the main reasons they stayed partners throughout the years.

Rusty’s Advice 

Put in the time and effort into what it is you want to achieve. Put in 120% and you will reap the rewards!

You can learn more about Real Kitchen and Wristworld here.

Key Takeaways

  • Sneak peeks into the Rosser Memorial Tournament.
  • Put in the effort and you will see the reward.
  • Inside the restaurant business.

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