Episode 63: Creating Your Own Adventures with Beth Brown

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

At Loveworks, we love the Rise Up Routine that we use with our students. We encourage you to start your day with these each day! Here’s the routine:

Quiet My Heart – Take a moment of silence.

Talk My Truth – Say affirmations like:

  • I am beautiful.
  • I can and will conquer challenges.
  • I take the time to make others feel loved.

See My Win – Be grateful and set goals.

Move My Body – 60 seconds of cardio!

Read to Lead – Read a short story or inspirational quote.

Scribble – Write what is on your mind and heart.

This is one of our favorite ways to set your goals and intentions. Try this each morning!

Let’s meet our dreamer and doer!

Beth Brown, Ph.D.: Author of Adventures with Divot & Swish

Beth Brown, Ph.D., is a life-long educator on a mission to inspire families and kids to have fun, become more active and learn life lessons through sports in her children’s book series Adventures with Divot & Swish. After picking up a basketball at age 2 and swinging her first golf club at age 8, Beth was hooked on sports. Her youth sport participation paved the way for her collegiate success as a member of the University of Oklahoma basketball and conference champion women’s golf teams.

As her love for sports continued, she realized the unique opportunity sport has to impact not only physical abilities, but life skill development as well. This led Beth to earn her Ph.D. in sports psychology at the University of Kansas. Since then, she’s gone on to influence and impact thousands through her roles as a golf coach, an educational program developer at The First Tee and LPGA-USGA Girls Golf, and founder and owner of the consulting agency, Team Aureus.

Beth’s first title “Adventures with Divot & Swish in Costa Rica: The Superpower of Courage” is a colorful children’s book chronicling the adventures of the title characters as they muster up the courage to surf in the ocean, and not fall off their boards.

When she isn’t writing the next adventure for Divot & Swish, Beth enjoys cheering on her beloved Sooners, riding her bike, and spending time with family, friends, and puppy Truman. She is an enrolled citizen of the Cherokee Nation and lives in Norman, Oklahoma.

Beth loves to dream! She uses her dreams as a goal to look at and remember her why.

A Small Town Oklahoma Girl

Beth grew up hanging out with her dad a lot. He would coach high school basketball and Beth would go to practices with him. When Beth was 12, she worked at her dad’s Dairy Queen in between rounds of golf. Beth went to college at the University of Oklahoma where she pursued sports medicine. 

Becoming an Author

Beth loved reading and writing throughout her years in school. She felt like she wanted to write a book, but wasn’t quite sure what about. One day she just knew she wanted to write about Divot and Swish.

Beth was inspired by Jill Donovan to really start writing her book. She wrote the whole book in one sitting! After finding an illustrator, the cover and pages were printed. It took over a year to finish it completely. Beth has learned a lot about writing, but she also admits she had no clue how the process went. She is learning more everyday. Beth is excited to inspire families to learn life lessons through sports.

Middle School Advice

Beth encourages you to find your passion. Explore different activities and see what it is you like. Always try things more than once! Be okay with messing up, and learn from those mistakes.

You can follow Beth at @adventureswithdivotandswish.

Key Takeaways

  • Try a variety of things. 
  • Don’t stop trying because you don’t know what to do.
  • Be okay with making mistakes.

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