Biz Boot Up Ep 9: The Failure Behind the Success with Red Dirt Roots and Wrist World

Welcome to the Business Boot-Up Edition of The Dreamers and Doers Podcast! We believe you are never too young to start a business. We’re bringing you live interviews from the Norman Farmer’s Market in Norman, OK. Each episode will feature one of our student-run businesses where they will be sharing what they’ve learned by starting a business to encourage you to start yours too!

Bryan Bakel with Red Dirt Roots Farm

Bryan Bakel started Red Dirt Roots in 2017. They are a sustainable farm that is pesticide and chemical free. They start all their produce from seed and this year is the first year they produced their own compost and soil themselves and they’re working towards being fully self-sustaining…including Bryan’s dream of not going to the grocery store!

Bryan’s dream of owning a farm started with an opportunity to quit his full time job to take an internship on a farm.  Returning to Oklahoma he was fortunate to inherit family land to start his farm. Bryan’s passion for producing organic food is not only important for his family but to provide for his community.  Although many people purchase conventional food, Bryan’s hope in providing good organic food will convert more and more people to purchasing organic.  

Bryan encourages young entrepreneurs to be the change they want to see and to follow their  dreams.  “When you see something that can be done differently or better, follow that dream and turn it into reality!” 

Wrist World with HJ Gilman

HJ Gilman is 14 years old and is part of Wrist World as a game developer. HJ does 3D modeling and animation. HJ will be going into the 9th grade this fall and has been doing wrisworld for 3 years now! 

Wrist World is an augmented reality game made by kids in Oklahoma. HJ’s tip for any young entrepreneur is to accept failure so you can move on to where you do not fail.  Choose your path and stick with it!

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