Episode 83: Removing the Emotion from Rejection with Brian Weisfeld

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

At Loveworks, we believe that one of the ways that you can become one of the best versions of yourself is to focus on personal growth. We love curating things like books, music, organizations, blogs or resources that have encouraged your personal growth. 

Today, we are going to share about Christmas gift recommendation for a leader in your life.

Love Does by Bob Goff. Can a simple concept shift your entire world? Bob certainty thinks so. When it comes to loving your neighbors, instead of focusing on having the “right answers” or checking the “right boxes,” what if you decide to simply do love? To shamelessly show love and grace to those around you–what would that look like? Not the kind of love that stops at thoughts and feelings, Bob’s love takes action. Bob believes Love Does.

Loveworks Business Boot Up Businesses:

Real Kitchen Salsa. Fresh and shelf stable salsa made by middle schools at Loveworks! Saving bland chips one bite at a time..

Wrist World An augmented reality puzzle RPG using wristbands. Travel through four holographic lands, interact with characters to solve the mystery, show off your 3D character and carry a whole world…on your wrist!

Popper Picker Upper. Are you tired of having a stinky yard? The Pooper Kicker Uppers will come clean your yard. Love your pup and love your yard! Each yard service includes a homemade pup treat as a gift.

Amberly’s Sweet Relief Essential oil lotion, soaps and more made from scratch with all natural ingredients to support birthday celebrations at Food and Shelter in Norman, Oklahoma.

Be Happy Beads by Annabelle and Marilyn. A handcrafted jewelry business, specializing in beaded bracelets, rings and necklaces. Custom jewelry available upon request.

Earth to Rainbow Art. Handmade Functional Ceramics and Motivational Art to spread Joy and Cheer. Each piece is lovingly and uniquely made to elevate your surroundings and your mood. Eco friendly and sustainable material good for us and for our animal friends too.

Jack’s Jellies. Jack’s Jellies is a family run business started in 2021 by 4th grader Jack Rosas. Jack’s Jellies are homemade using a simple recipe, come in several flavors from smokey to sweet, and each batch is crafted with love.

Brian’s recommendation is Wild and Wacky Pets by Reese. Wild and Wacky Pets gives once loved stuffed animals a new lease on life. All animals are thoroughly inspected, cleaned and stuffed with new stuffing.

Brian Weisfeld: Author, Speaker, Girls’ Entrepreneurship Advocate

Brian Weisfeld has always built businesses – from a gummy bear business as a kid, to IMAX Corporation and Coupons.com more recently. Brian is the Founder of The Startup Squad, an initiative dedicated to empowering girls to reach their potential and follow their dreams, whatever their passions. The Startup Squad, the first book in the series, was published by Macmillan Publishers in May, 2019. Brian lives in Silicon Valley with his wife and two daughters.

Brian’s Advice –

Life is a marathon not a sprint. Don’t worry about what’s going on in your current business or class. These are all building blocks to what you will ultimately achieve in life. Don’t look at the other person in your class that you wish you could be doing. You have a whole lifetime to achieve your dreams. Learn as much as you can and create relationships with people you think you can learn from.

Email Brian at info@thestartupsquad.com and let him know you heard him on the Dreamers and Doers Podcast and give him your address to receive stickers and bookmark from The Start Up Squad!

You can find Brian and The Start Up Squad on his website and on social media: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn

Key Takeaways

  • Anyone can form an entrepreneurial mindset
  • Each person has strengths and we are stronger as a team when we find complimenting partners
  • Take risks and don’t be afraid to fail

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