Episode 94: Ask Why Constantly with Mike Morgan

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

At Loveworks, we believe that one of the ways that you can become one of the best versions of yourself is to focus on personal growth. We love curating things like books, music, organizations, blogs or resources that have encouraged your personal growth. 

Today, we are going to curate a new song to add to your playlist.

For King and Country, “Unsung Hero”, a powerful song that will uplift your spirit.

Ben Rector, “Dream On”, for those that have had a hard time dreaming again.

Mike Morgan: Lane Avenue Studios + Preflight Technologies

Born in 1983, Mike has been dreaming as big as his heart could handle. In first grade, Mike would pace around the playground dreaming of building a company that made tractors. As the years went on, he envisioned building a mile-tall building and a Disney-esque themepark. Mike’s ambitions were replaced by actions as he began high school. He held three jobs while completing high school at Norman North. After school, Mike attended Compass College for the Cinematic Arts and Full Sail University, where he graduated with his Bachelor’s in Film Production.

After a short time working in television commercial production in New York City, Mike and his wife, Laura, moved back home to Oklahoma. Mike started Mike International and Lane Avenue Studios in 2009. in 2010, Mike was hired by Floorplan Xpress to help expand the company from four states to nationwide. Mike served as the Vice President of Operations from 2011 to 2017, increasing the Accounts Receivable from 12 million to 100 million. In 2017, Mike turned his focus back to Lane Avenue Studios and started Preflight Technologies, a custom software development firm.


You are worth it. You are valuable and your ideas and your thoughts and your dreams are special. You might not feel unique most of the time. But the way that your brain is wired is different than anybody else’s. I encourage you to just lean into that. Follow your heart, chase your dreams. They may seem ridiculous and people may tell you they are but the more ridiculous they are, the more lives they’re going to end up changing. I promise you that your dream, the more you’ll be able to do if shoot for the stars, at least fill-up shoot for the moon, land among the stars. Who cares where you land.

Key Takeaways

  • The power of your why
  • It takes a team to dream and do, find people that complement your strengths
  • Reject “it’s too much”
  • Constantly ask why

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