Episode 106: Slow Down to Speed Up With Whitney Gale

Welcome to the Loveworks dreamers and doers Podcast # 106. At Loveworks we believe you are NEVER too young to be a dreamer and NEVER too old to do your dream.

If this is your first time, thank you for joining us and giving us the thing that means the most to you – your time. If you’re returning, welcome back! We know you have lots of options out there in the Podcast universe.

Our hope with Dreamers & Doers podcast is that each week’s special guests will connect with you wherever you find yourself today and inspire you to become the best version of yourself for tomorrow.

Personal Growth with Michael and Carolyn

At Loveworks, we believe that one of the ways that you can become one of the best versions of yourself is to focus on personal growth. We love curating things like books, music, organizations, blogs, or resources that have encouraged your personal growth. 

Today we are going to talk about emerging leaders we’d encourage you to get to know.

Henry Xie is a senior at Naperville North High School who loves science and math.  He founded a nonprofit organization called STEM Kids, led by his fellow students hosting free STEM-oriented classes, workshops, competitions, and mentorship to spread a passion for STEM and provide students with tools for success. 

Henry is a member of the National Youth Leadership Council, through which he has worked on planning and facilitating the International Summit on Student Voice and promoting service learning. In 2021 he was awarded the Illinois Governor’s Volunteer Service Award.  

For you young leaders out there, what are you passionate about?  Could you find a way to share that with others?

Maya Penn is a 22-year-old phenom, award-winning founder and CEO of eco-fashion brand Maya’s Ideas, keynote speaker, sustainability consultant, 3 time TED Speaker, artist, global activist, animator, filmmaker, social entrepreneur, coder, and Simon & Schuster author.

Penn was born and raised in Atlanta. She started her company in 2008 at the age of 8. 

Maya’s book You Got This is being used in schools around the world as a curriculum to teach youth social good driven entrepreneurship, creativity, and giving back.

Whitney Gale: Life Coach

Whitney Gale is a life coach who helps people discover what’s most important to them and take action to make sure their priorities come to life. Whitney believes there is a unique passion and creative expression within everyone. She loves helping her clients find those inspirational sparks because it feels amazing for them and is simply contagious! Since 2001 Whitney has helped thousands of people bring their visions into reality. She was named “Emerging Leader of the Year” by the Minneapolis Regional Chamber of Commerce in 2011 and sat on the Board for the Emerging Leaders initiative from 2012 to 2018. Whitney’s personal creative expressions include singing, creating ceramics, making collages, and cooking. She lives in Minneapolis, MN with her partner, Brent, and their rescue dog, Bouvie. In looking to the future, Whitney’s mission is to create a community of people who have put in the hard work of asking what’s truly important to them, who have taken action that supports those priorities, and who are inspiring others to do the same! With her expertise and passion for helping people, Whitney is excited to help her clients progress toward their personal visions and to contribute their creative expressions to this world.

Whitney’s ADVICE –

Keep dreaming. Keep dreaming and go for it with gusto because you really have nothing to lose, there’s only to gain; especially when your heart is also behind it. Don’t worry about being popular or being liked. Just be yourself and do what makes you really happy because that’s the most important thing. Be yourself even if it’s awkward and feels weird.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be strong individually but also remember there is strength in teamwork
  • Slow yourself down so that you can be present in every step
  • Creative expression is best when it is shared
  • Take one small step of action toward your dream
  • Be yourself even if it feels weird

Connect with Whitney:

Website: https://www.whitneygalecoaching.com/
Instagram: @whitneygale.coaching
LinkedIn: @whitney-gale-4860a99

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