Episode 2: Becoming Confident in Your Dreams with Carolyn Le

Carolyn Le: Associate Director of Loveworks Leadership

Carolyn Le is the associate director of Loveworks Leadership and does graphic design freelance under her side hustle, LoveLe Design. She has a big creative side and in her free time loves cooking, singing and songwriting on her guitar, and designing graphics just for fun. While she prefers wearing black on most occasions, she wants anything but black hair and enjoys playing around with colors. She shares about her journey and dream to write and perform her own music.

Born With a Musical Dream

Carolyn’s first big dream was to become a big popstar. She loves singing and is always dancing like nobody’s watching. Carolyn’s dream was inspired by the media. She used to watch a lot of Veitnamese shows and karaoke tapes growing up. She got more into music as she got older, and found herself participating in choir. 

Learning to Dream Big

Carolyn’s parents encouraged her to focus on an occupation that was more reasonable. Going into college she set aside her dream until her sophomore year. She volunteered at Loveworks and listened to students talk about their dreams. It made Carolyn realize she shouldn’t give up on her dream and that it’s not too late to start being who you want to be. She learned how to play guitar from Youtube and was able to write her first small song. Carolyn felt a sense of accomplishment, but she was frustrated because learning guitar didn’t come easy. Carolyn came across a class for adults to learn how to play guitar. She says it is important to ask for help and remember you’re never too young or old to be a dreamer. Carolyn flourished in her skills and was able to write songs. Soon she started to perform at showcases to build confidence.

Finding Courage in Fear

The thing that has held Carolyn back is fear and self doubt. She felt people would judge her for her singing and playing guitar. The thing that has propelled her is understanding what courage is. Author Brene Brown talks about showing your flaws and being authentic is showing courage. Carolyn is surrounded with supportive friends who help her propel forward.

Middle School Advice

Everyone deserves to be seen. No matter what your passion is, you deserve to be heard!

Key Takeaways

  • It’s never too late for your dream no matter your age.
  • Surround yourself with people who will support your dreams.
  • You deserve to be seen.

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